About TQ Multimedia

Our belief is simple, to make every relationship a win/win. Making you popular among the masses is our number one goal followed closely by service. Our service oriented team of professionals will make your project, campaign or initiative easier by providing you with the tools you need, the information you want, the deadlines you request and the quality you deserve. All leading to the end result, connecting your product to your customer.

You want nothing but the best for your video production project. Innovative, unique, informative and savvy. From a 30-second commercial and instructional videos, to marketing video production or a full-blown television show, our team of dedicated communication professionals specializes in a wide range of production services and can handle any type of film, video or multimedia project from initial creative brief through finished deliverable.

Even if you have the most brilliant  and creative ad campaign, the latest and greatest product or a brilliant execution, if the right audience isn’t reached it’s been a big waste of time and money. At TQ Multimedia we’ve done it all. If print is what you’re looking for we’ll place you in publications that will reach an audience that will respond, if online suits your needs, we’ll help create banner ads to full-blown campaigns. From radio to outdoor placement, we can assist you with all your media needs.

Simplicity and Power. That’s all that is needed to attract and communicate with your audience. In order to get that point, a significant amount of research, brainstorming and complex marketing efforts go into each and every creative project. The audience is ever-changing, the wants and needs of the public are always different, we spend a lot of time listening to the market as opposed to telling them what they need. From ad campaigns to brochures, commercials to catalogs, direct mailers to fliers. We Create.

THE MOST POPULAR KID IN SCHOOL. That’s what our ultimate goal is with your company, product or service, to make you the most popular amongst the masses. From assisting you in your marketing plan all the way to execution in the marketplace, we will be there every step of the way. TQ Multimedia’s team of professionals will conduct market studies, focus groups and mystery shopping to ensure that you are SEEN AND SUCCESSFUL.